Prabhanjan Padhye

Full Stack Developer •
Bibwewadi, Pune •
(+91) 80871 30548 •
Hi, Myself Prabhanjan. I am a full stack NodeJS and Rust developer. I have also worked on languages like Python, Java, Go etc.
In my free time I try to contribute to Open Source. I am also a technical Speaker/Writer. I am available for Hire or
Freelancing or even Open Source work!


Sunset in the mountains

Delta is a small URL shortner and file uploader. It has multiple features to make user experience as seamless as possible. It's safe, fast and has both command-line and graphical user interface

#nodejs #urlshortner
Sunset in the mountains

grambot is a user automation bot for telegram. it does a more that what is sounds it does. It has features from sending funny jokes to scraping google to reminders and todos etc, everything just a command away.

#python #userbot #telegram
Sunset in the mountains

U or `up` is a fosslife/delta client cli tool written in nodejs. apart from just uploading files to server and shortening URLS, it has many features that are not possible with curl or alternativ tools.

#nodejs #delta